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Hi, I'm Nick Mathew, a web developer, computer security researcher, and music lover.

I do a lot of work in PHP and Javascript, using Drupal as a framework. I have used other PHP frameworks too (like Yii). I have recently taken up node.js and Ruby for personal projects. I have past experience with Java and C, but haven't used them in a long time. I use Linux (Fedora) as my operating system, but I'm content on any UNIX machine. I love tinkering with electronics and have customized almost all the stuff I own - laptops, smartphones, routers, cameras, xbox, satellite dishes.

Masters degree from SUNY Institute of Technology, Utica, New York (USA)
Bachelors degree from Cochin University Institute of Science & Technology (India)

My past academic research was about security of web applications.


You can contact me about work by email.

Code on Github
Professional network on LinkedIn.


This is my personal blog. You will find thoughts, opinions, and nice findings on this blog.

This work is licensed under a Copright 2008-2012 with a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.