HOW TO: Root the Samsung Galaxy S2 from Linux

The easiest way to root an Android phone on linux is to use Heimdall. Heimdall is an open source program to flash Android on Samsung Galaxy devices.

Heimdall is available as a binary executable for many platforms, including Debian. Unfortunately, since I use Fedora, I had to compile the code from scratch.
First install all the needed tools.

Setting default directory for screenshots in GNOME

There is no easy way to configure the location where screenshots get saved using gnome-screenshot.

In order to set this option, install dconf-editor package:

Yum remove Enlightenment

Here's a one-liner that will save some time. Uses sed, uniq, sort and of course regular expressions.

yum remove `yum search enlightenment | awk '{print $1}' | sed -e 's/.\(x86_64\|i686\|noarch\)//' -e '/^[:=]/d' -e 's/\(Loaded\|font-manager\)//' | uniq | sort`

What does it do?

It uses yum to remove all packages that are related to the Enlightenment Window Manager.

HOW TO: Full screen Ubuntu in VirtualBox

VirtualBox is a great way to test different platforms without actually installing them. It creates a perfect virtual machine to play with. Of course, a dummy virtual machine is of no use, until you install on OS on it.

VirtualBox under Windows


Making Java 2 work in Debian

Download the j2se SDK from Download the ".bin" file. In a terminal window, run the following commands.